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I Am No More For Now

(At) Once my Body dies

I decompose in every Moment

Shedding follicles

Growing whiskers

Losing face

A natural born Hag


Nasty, Wizened, Punishing

The likeness of a walking grimace

Dread to be you on my off-day

On the off-chance that we should meet

A sojourned Lilliputian


My life-breath rises in the East

Fleshy tissues left to decay out West

This skeleton steps forward in the morning

An infidel


I divorce I separate (happily) I magnetize

Cloak me

In the long shadows

Of unturned stones

From the ground up

I come

And let me be rid of your tired Philosophy

Young Blood

See how

All that remains is the same

See how

Unoriginal we be

In the glow of the Tantric Moon

🎨/📷 by unknown artist, Kubjikā (Hunchbacked Goddess), date unknown

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