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Ouroboros Monologue

I am the dragon.

I am a creature of an ancient origin.

I am beautiful and wicked.

I am to be feared.

However, I also fear,

as you fear.

But I am in love;

a love so bottomless, all I do is

plunge further and further into the heart of it.

And it’s like walking on water.

There is no up or down.

I am simply centred.

My love wriggles through my entire body -

you can spy it as I move like a titan mamba through life.

I keep myself coiled tight.

It’s my duty to protect my friends and family,

even if they don’t know it;

My sleek dark body is tough and thick,

and I shield my close ones from all the demons in this damned vortex.

Spawns of hell line up like boxing opponents;

I knock them down one by one.

I gobble their strength and I grow more savage,

more majestic.

Some of them, I whip with a quick flick of my tail.

This tail that I chase with the youth and joy of a pup.

And I am centred.

I balance you within me, my beloveds.

I am the guardian.

I am the avenger.

I am with God.

I am the dragon.

Feel with gusto, the beating of my wings in your hooping ribcage/

In the rhythmic canter of a wild horse/

In the gentle rap of knuckles on the door/

In the tick tock of the clock/

In the kickdrum that persuades your bones/

I am alive.

I am the dragon.

🎨/📷 by Glen Rogers, Ouroboros, 2016

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