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Lucifer's Muse

I am made of sacrifice,

Crackling and spitting with the passion of a thousand ships.

I dance toward relinquishment,

I give myself up unto It.

I be the sprite mystique of fire light,

Come, let me taste your pearling tears

As you perish in my fathomless kiss,

My colourful underworld of corals red.

Do I not make you fresh again?

The golden unrest that burns all else to embers and ash.

Forsake them in my lux(e) embrace,

Love me as I lick the air about your skin

And create you anew with wings of freedom

That compel beyond the rationale and earthly indignation.

This yearning of the introverted heart!

I am your reason why.

🎨/📷 by William Blake, Eve Tempted by the Serpent, 1799-1880

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