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All the lines, pearlescent moonlight

Dispersing bodily fuzzspace

In wet distortion

As you dip below the tides

And pry me open, a clam in wait

We are glowed in hermaphroditic motion

You understand me with tonguing cheer

(How can I say no?) Who would not –

Watch you transform primordial

Creation quivers lipping to overflown

With joy and survival mode

Lifted by your upward thrust

I am heavenly, floating upon your cock

Riding you like a wave, you are my shore

How you lap me up, a new-made animal

and believer

(I will show you the treasure of love!)

Let me take the sun in my mouth

The need of you is a vital worship

Of the crepuscular hours (I have spent longing)

Starry alignment rising high

To where my kisses trail in holy droplets

Teasing the tip of your glory and strength

Your cock is magnificent and delicious

The ripened fruit of the fucking universe

A sumptuous feast as I fulfil woman primal

Arching and scooped

Sucking sooth moan

Into the atmosphere

Every river streaming here this fated night

Natural physicality curved out skinscapes

We are mountains paradisal and de-clouded

A world spun tight we become makers

I am I am I am with you

This be the celestial yes of beginning and end

You reach me completeness, my soul entirety

🎨/📷 by Penny Slinger, Coming Up Roses/Petals Fall-2, 1974

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