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The Star 🌟

Vesper // Light

A culmination bubbling;

May I feel the phantom light of you again?

The affections evanescent and intertwined ~

I have studied your love from a distance, from a time,

A winding river of churned milk

Where bathing spirits sway and

You, my constant homeward star across my roving life,

I breathe you ~

I long to sleep by you, (only you!)

In deep, silken caress

Against the darkened indigo crush that is velveteen night,

A free-fall and a satisfaction

We slalom, twist and float

To align our adrenaline hearts ~

(I know I fuck you better!)

Who better understands the brightening intelligence of your eyes?

Although I have worshipped at the feet of false paramours

And others have praised your skin,

I can assure you

No one has been more devoted than I

Watching you disappear and fade

With each sunny death ~

I regret all the dilatory and wish upon

The long call of the unstruck sounding,

I am finally awakened to

You, my dream never-ending.

🎴🃏 by Leonora Carrington, Major Arcana Tarot Deck, published by Fulgur, 2021

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