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Star Whale

Years later, my tears taste bitter. I am saying; “I wish that night was all you meant to me.” Soaking my memory of you with regret. I remember the halo of twinkling fairy lights about your head In the dim of the evening Glow red hot, as a demon.

Golden alcohol for golden hours, Holding all of the stories, Haunting the purity of sweet possibility.

You spoke sweet nothings of sweet loving, Laced heavy with the troubles of your mind. And your aching hopes, burdened by days gone by.

O, how your hands shook as it boiled over. Within, the war still raging on, Thirsty and surfacing for a break, Your baby skin scarred. I remember the way your eyes reflected the dark. And me, naïve, thought I could show you The beauty where two oceans meet.

O, how your hands wrapped around my throat Coaxed me into a sleeping past. Inside, I gazed into watery time, mine so violent, The stars like diamonds in the deep. They are saying; “There is no explaining away what is and what always was.” I found rest on a whale’s back. I remember the Nothing with fond embrace And the beauty where two oceans meet.

🎨/📷 by Dorothy Napangardi, unknown title and date


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