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Traffic Light Goodbye

Spirit is moving in her,

Running like tropical rain;

It has come to cleanse the day.

Aloof in the sunlit crossing

Of dismay and ecstasy,

I stumble along the strange

And wondrous depths,

Simply plummeting in his

Eyes of angelic haste.

Alone, it is spectacular

To be in his embrace.

If I had known my own

Power, I would not have

To pay. I pledge my life

In and surrender unto

Love. I thank Beyond

For my lechery, wisdom

And steady atonement. For

To live a coward, and

Never cast oneself

Into the clearing of

The eye of day; how

Does go the death?

When you realise

Crashing wishes may both

Haunt and caress you,

Let the skies part and

Show the passage there,

Where we collapse

Completely, far from

The pits of despair, but

In a petalled meadow, falling

Sweetly into Truth,

Courage and the will

To navigate oceans of

Forgiveness in all.

🎨/📷 by Bill Henson, Untitled, 2009/10

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