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Indulgent Solstice Breakfast (aka Re-Beginning)

Calling back and forth

The busy hedgerow buzzes

& chirps like popping candy

(I melt into the music of the morning)

Rambling leaves of blackened berries

Over-pour the crumbling wall

A fondue delight, (I can taste the scent)!

My whole body is a tongue ~

Dissolving nectars (Until I’m bumble drunk)

Drown-basking in a sugared exuberance

Me and the daisies all dressed in butter

Hot, soporific details

Erupt in the warmth

(Your breath on me, your adoration on me ~~)

You unravel me

Into a monarch

I open and close

& swallow the caramel

More than just a golden feeling

Not unlike love.

🎨/📷 by Wassily Kandinsky, Sketch 2 for Composition VII, 1913


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