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4 of Coins // 4 of Pentacles 🏛️⏰

the dissolution of redundant evidence

We get so far, based upon what is tried and tested. But how true is what we know?

From this secure platform, crafted from the values and customs of our forebears, we can take a moment’s pause. Now is the time to plan, as the creator of what is to come.

From this standing point, we either behold the gateway to spiritual discovery or we fall victim to pre-conceived structures. These begin to look like walls. We may have built them from the expectations of society or the fortress of our own mind. Regardless, these walls both raise up the projection of our ideal and torment our lowly position.

Should we work hard to triumph over these walls or stagnate as we play it safe?

Repeatedly, over the duration of our lives, we will rise to meet such situations that force us to change gods.