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To Dance Fearless (like Nataraja)

I expelled out my modesty, forgetting sanctimonious Catholic values that came lulling from the pulpit. I fucked my way free from the shacklement of ideas.

Returning to a tenderness by heeding choice and connection.

I smudged my world clean, wading through new techniques from new mentors, clearing my sticky etheric body with mugwort and the British countryside.

Morphing my cells into a reclaimed and unlikely woman.

I set my sankalpa with sigils, casting forwards as I soaked in vital creative juices again, practising yoga in more ways than asana. At last, I caught the wave I once was.

Rolling upon bright shores via gifts given from the deep.

I lay myself down in a riot of plant-life and crystal helpers. Like pinboard notes in my pockets and on the windowsill, they would remind me of myself.

All this scaffolding, to try and let liberation fly!

Did you notice all my hard work,

all my stability, all my growth?

Was this all a masquerade to reel you back into my heart?


I should thank you for the impetus,

Except we need no more exchange –

Abrupt the ending and abrupt the start!

I Dance

upon the grave of Us like mighty Siva in his fiery wheel!

We Rejoice

and pass each other by in our own Karmic circles!

Join Me

only to kick and stamp atop our copulation, leaping forever Higher!

Lokāḥ samastāḥ sukhino bhavantu!

🎨/📷 by Unknown, Nataraja, 1820


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