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Planetary Productivity 101; Planetary Days

Harnessing Astrology for Success

As a Pisces Sun, I slip into the flow of the day and what it’s bringing me.

Following that feeling comes naturally.

Thus, organising my world on a day-to-day basis is a far easier feat and more comprehensible than any other system of planning.

Besides, that appears to be everyone’s ultimate advice; if you want to succeed at something, take it day by day, step by step etc etc…

Planetary days are a useful system within astrology where each day corresponds to a particular planet. The names given to the seven days of the week are derived from the classical planets in Hellenistic astronomy, which were named after contemporary deities.

This daily system is my personal go-to for getting shit done. And in the spirit of getting shit done, I’ll attempt to make this article an efficient read.

Monday | Moon’s Day

In honour of Selene, the Moon goddess, let me just say that it is slightly fucked up to begin our hustle-and-bustle work week with the day of the Moon.

The only consistency we garner from the Moon is its constant change. Naturally, it’s the perfect day to start nothing. Aligning ourselves with the planets, we find this to be a day of rest and contemplation.

The Moon requires nourishment and self-care. An optimal way to begin your day would be journaling. Writing of any kind can help usher the reflective flow of the day along, whether that be creative or attending to your emails.

It is also a good day to tune into the physical body. Engage in slower, more languid activities such as restorative yoga, walking outside in nature and swimming.

I often find the Moon’s Day to be great for menial tasks such as getting the groceries done, thinking about what I would like to eat that week, thereby prepping out my meals for the week ahead.

Ideally, a beautiful way to end this day would be to engage with a good book in a luxurious bath full of bubbles and moisturising oils. Go all out with the scents and candles. Soak it in.

Selene, moon baby graphic by Dia Gila
Selene, Dia Gila -

Tuesday | Mar’s Day

This is where the week truly begins. An intense day governed by Mars, the God of War.

Use the planetary influence of Mars to begin a new project or enrol in a course you’ve always wanted to do. Mars offers you the inner fire to take initiative and move ahead.

The motto of the day is that old hospitality phrase, “you got time to lean, you got time to clean”. We want to keep it moving and grooving. We like to keep it moving (and grooving). Sorry for bad jokes.

Anyhow, this also applies to literal cleaning here; the energy of this day is like a sword, and we can use it to sever. The sharpness is brilliant for cutting things out, whether that be people or simply clothes you no longer need.

I use this day to make cut-throat decisions about my beloved old garments. Clean out your wardrobe or tidy up your house. It always needs attending to, and you’ll get it done in a flash.

Tuesday is also excellent for prioritising your weightiest tasks, all the sticky bits that you want to get through. For me, I harness this energy for pumping out some of my more difficult or challenging articles.

The same applies to yoga. A heated vinyasa flow is superb. Release sticky, crinkly fascia and muscle tissue to awaken the body.

Truly, Tuesday’s can be some of the most rewarding days.

Wednesday | Mercury’s Day

As the undisputed Master of Communication, Mercury’s powers are perhaps best suited for deep and meaningful conversations – that you hopefully didn’t botch the day before.

It is always a good opportunity for connecting and hanging out with friends over a bougie single-origin roast, and having a good blab.

Me, an introvert: enjoys dedicating this entire day to research and studying.

This latter angle on the day pulls focus on the ambitions of the intellect, that Mercury is also associated with.

Hermes aka Mercury  by Disney
Hermes aka Mercury as depicted by Disney

I find this a wonderful day for creating content such as filming a yoga vlog or blogging.

Verbal stuff.

Networking and sending off emails, pushing projects along are all examples of tasks that are productive and communicative.

Basically, anything social media related is batched on this day. Cringey marketing can be transformed into thoughtful promotion if the energy is utilised well.

As far as workouts go, I enjoy a good play on the mat. A very free-flow vinyasa, akin to dance whilst getting lost in music is a lovely, fluid way to harness Mercury.

Heavily thematic flows are also a positive on this day. When the asana communicates the myth it is derived from, we can unlock deep understandings and garner new insights.

Thursday | Jupiter’s Day

Jupiter is the big, friendly daddy in the sky that protects us from asteroids and all other kinds of shit hurtling through space. He helps us grow and flourish, letting us become who we are. This is where Jupiter gets his reputation for being expansive (not only because he’s big).

Typically, it’s a day for spiritual pursuits, expanding our minds and viewpoints. Both inner and outer adventures are favourable on a Thursday.

The day of exploration and higher learning is unbelievably conducive to a creative output. Einstein is often cited as being a genius who loved long breaks, taking walks in nature to better boost his creativity, memory and problem-solving.

It also bodes well to engage in teaching.

So, for me, this all equates to more content creation – divulging and sharing what I’ve been studying. If I am not teaching and filming content, this is ideal for planning yoga classes, whilst noting down any interesting transitions or spiritual truths that speak to me through the body.

Attending lectures or classes and diving deeper with your interests will be beneficial.

Thursday is the best day to speak with bosses, lecturers, or those in authority if necessary. I have authority issues, so this rarely happens for me. But Thursday says, don’t knock the wisdom of your elders or those more experienced.

Friday | Venus’ Day

Aphrodite, Pompeii Fresco cropped
Aphrodite, Pompeii Fresco

A day to be looking cute. End of.

Although both Monday and Friday support the pampering of oneself, there are different flavours to these days. The Moon may go to the spa for nourishment reasons, but Venus goes for aesthetic reasons.

Treat yourself like a princess. Go fucking shopping. Get a makeover with your friends. Invest in yourself.

Venus governs sensuality, charm and all such convivial notions so the social aspect is ideal. Plus, you will probably just feel good as you look good as you do good. Hashtag slay.

A hearty Vinyasa practice in the morning to get your blood pumping and your body feeling vibrant contributes to the looking and feeling fabulous.

I usually like to reserve Friday as my day of pleasure. By that I mean, getting my creative juices flowing. Yes, drawing, painting, filming, tarot reading – in particular, activities that have a visual component to them.

Bask in the beauty of this day and let your productivity be guided by fun and what brings you joy.

Saturday | Saturn’s Day

The beginning of our weekend is the ultimate workday.

It is a traditional day overseen by taskmaster Saturn who favours commitment, steady practice and structure to achieve success.

I attend to my blog; I see how behind I am and recalibrate my spreadsheet of articles.

Saturnian energy is great for eliminating tasks that are potentially wasting your time and focusing on plans for the upcoming week. This keeps you moving forward in a prepared manner, knowing exactly what you need to do to when the time comes.

Generally, my most monotonous responsibilities are reserved for Saturdays.

Maybe I edit footage this day and all things technology based, as this department is all about processing data, eventually contributing t