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GUEST POET // Margarita Gurgutsova : 2

it’s 2am

i think of songs people write for other people

intentions that travel over notes and

overthinking at 2am

lit up windows and rumbling computers

the editing and the smokes and

the overthinking anywhere anytime

good morning, we are the content providers

for your love lost and love found

chains around your throat that choke tears

fluttering heartbeats that go in tune with the queued songs

forgotten sentiments in words someone sometime spoke to you, or didn’t

line after line or

synchronised melodies of silence

that remind you of a face or a time

a feeling you vaguely remember

and tried hard to forget

and found yourself to never again be able to recreate with any other person

good morning, you’re still up because you can never leave the past alone

because you, well, we

keep trying to make place for it in our present

like pacing in front of a closed down store

thinking your devotion will spark business again

keep the profits running

get the interests to ignite

we are the lonely united souls

at two o’clock in the morning

going through song after song after song

wondering where we went wrong

despite knowing all this while

the emptiness persists

because we nurture it so thoroughly

good morning, the sun may not be up yet

but by the time you pass out

it will be, again and again and again

until one day, you tune into our radio station

and you’ll be hung up over someone else

all over again

thank you for listening in, good night

🎨/📷 by Ithell Colquhoun, Alcove, 1948


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