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Crafted Matter

He said I had idle hands

Much too bad I believed him

Years of sowing garden seeds

Bounty for bees and monarchs

I dreamt to let flow nectar

Liquid boon in bottled jars

Artisan blown, I bloomed out

Ceilings high to make mosaic

Shades of ruby and lapis

Like the beadwork of mothers

Embroidered their daughters down

Hearts dyed with Batik stories

Skills to quilt little spirits

And baskets to hold the soul

A steady warp and weft

Weaving a whole together

I must never forget it

I will never forget it

Beating my hair-torn head

Amphora woman mourning

I wish it would come softly

I wait for it to come softly

A celebration of kites

Havoc against the blue sky

Where words dance calligraphic

This incandescent world looms

My body glows a lantern

We all follow the lights home

In time, answers unravel

With distance, his values fade

Dress me in garlands bright

Shield me from envious hate

Guardians of the unsung

Show me the dotted mapping

This journey of accolades

My web interconnected

🎨/📷 by Chuah Thean Teng, Perairan Pulau Pinang, 1952

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