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Hello & welcome, I go by the name  ̶L̶I̶B̶B̶Y̶  Dia Gila. 


I'm a Visual Artist / Creative Writer / Yoga Instructor / Art Historian / General Weirdo.

Exposed to various cultures & forms of mysticism through my international upbringing,

I syncretize my understanding of the world through these modalities.

Currently, I work from a secret location in the United Kingdom.

Visit my blogspace where you can check out my words (amongst other things).

They roughly translate into offerings that resemble poetry / short stories / academia.

I discuss elements of yogic magick, the tarot & other popular esoteric topics.

My musings tend to hover in the space between art history / anthropology / metaphysics & the mundane.


Sometimes, I share my shamanic experiences / dreams / visions through artwork & thought pieces.

Book here for Gila Yoga ॐ

Kia Kaha // Stay Strong.

prayer messenger.jpg
iban inspired
══ *’・゜・。⌒ミ✲

Every new moon & then, I create spontaneous mindstreams, weaving together ideas drawn from the fields of art & poetry / yoga & meditation / spirituality & religion / myth & folklore, / psychology & storytelling / tarot & esoterica / fashion & music / so on & so forth. 

Thank you // Peace



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