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Gila Yoga

Hello, my name is Libby (aka Dia Gila) ~ ((if you haven't caught on to that already!))

Long-time lover of yoga and the healing arts, I create themed and intention-based sequences to bring a little magick to the mat.

Flow with me on the yogic path! Expect to embody Tarot cards and myths told through deep, slow movement, followed by an extra-luxurious savasana.

Fun fact: I am also a practicing artist / writer who left university with a BA specialising in Indigenous Modern Art History and Ancient Greek Tomb Art!

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Qualifications & Relevant Education


Yoga for Post-Traumatic Growth
TKYM Teacher Training:

Vetoga Model 4.1

15 hour course providing tools for trauma informed teaching, to better prepare for clients who come to class with the intention to heal.

Comprehensive study into the neuroscience of trauma and the nervous system

Combined yoga history and philosophy with modern psychology and neuroscience to enhance effectiveness of yoga practice.

Study of the Yoga Nidra meditation technique and best practices to deliver yoga for PTG.


500 RYT | Vinyasa Yoga

The Kaivalya Yoga Method

Online teacher training with close contact and feedback from tutors and the *Yoga Doctor* herself, Alanna Kaivalya PHD.

In depth study & regular assessments of: anatomy | alignment | vinyasa sequencing | the subtle body | teaching technique | adjustments | yoga philosophy | yoga history | theming classes | pranayama | meditation | yoga mythology | mantras 

Subsequent registration as a practitioner within the Complementary Therapist Accredited Association


Stepping onto the Path

Shamanic Workshop for Beginners

2 day introductory workshop to Shamanism and Shamanic Journeying with Kim Quance, (Advanced Energy Field Healer), offering a foundational history of Shamanism and how to Journey.

Shamanic Journeys to meet my Power Animal | Lower World and Upper World Teacher | Plant Ally


Spiritual Psychology Workshops

(Parts 1 & 2)

2 day workshops with High Priestess and psychologist, Dr Vivianne Crowley and Chris Crowley.

Explored Carl Jung's model of the psyche, followed by Roberto Assagioli's model of the psyche.

Engaged in Jungian, Transpersonal and Archetypal psychology from the Western Mystery Tradition, and from Eastern philosophy and spirituality.

Practical work consisted of inner journeying | imaging | meditation.

Yoga Offerings

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Yoga for Witches

Join me for rituals that unite aspects of witchcraft with the yogic path.


Through slow-flow vinyasa, we celebrate the Wheel of the Year, the Moon cycle and various deities.


We also engage in the art of sankalpa (positive affirmations) and mudras (symbolic hand gestures) to encourage meditative focus.


Guided Journeys

Explore esoteric principles such as the five elements, the chakras, mantras but also your own inner landscape via visualisation.


These meditation sessions can be powerful for healing and transformation, or you may simply enjoy them for relaxation. They are accompanied by gentle stretching and journaling exercises.


When I Give, I Give Myself


Sip on some tasty cacao and engage in a gentle back-bending workshop to open up the heartspace.


Expect mudra magick and to nourish your heart chakra with the principles of Metta Bhavana (loving kindness) meditation. Let us offer love, aided by this subtle but powerful earth medicine.

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1:1 Classes

I offer personalised yoga for solo practitioners and small covens (no more than three people).


These classes are ideal for those wanting to deepen their spiritual practice and learn more about yoga philosophy in ways that are modern and refreshing.


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